How to buy plants online in India?

Plant is life, directly. It is not a metaphor! Plant leaves create oxygen from thin air! Big outdoor plants give shade in the weary Indian summer. Indoor plants have awesome aesthetic value. The very moment you have a bonsai on your work table, your mind often wanders to the wonder of appreciating a big plant, in its appearance, but at a size of only a few inches! Besides, the indoor greenery also recycles the room climate naturally, creating a cleaner environment for the home. So, buying plants online almost feels like bringing life home from an online plant nursery.

Enjoy gardening through online plant shopping

That is what plants do! They give life. If you do not know it yet, nowadays you can place orders for plants from an online plant nursery. In fact, there are several top websites selling plants, and they sport an amazing collection! Do check out sites such as It is a beautiful, neat, professional website for plant lovers. The hobby of gardening is actually a very sophisticated and meticulous pastime, and its rewards are really amazing!

Rolling Nature Online Plant Store

This online garden store has multiple categories such as Home Plants, Office Plants, Medicinal Plants, and Good Luck Plants. They even have a special section for gifting plants on different occasions like anniversary, birthday, friendship day, and Rakshabandhan. In fact, you can gift plants online as part of your Christmas gifts or New Year gifts this time. Also, it could turn out to be a great Valentine gifting idea for your loved ones. The site commits to 100% quality check, totally free shipping, a 100% secured payment system, and a free replacement return policy. They are also offering flat 10% discounts offer. It is also one of the best online stores for gardening tools.

Rustic sites

Nurserylive and AnkurNursery are two other exclusive stores for getting indoor plants online.

Nursery Live e-garden

Nurserylive may not have a posh appearance like Rollingnature, but it is actually a full-fledged nursery flourishing online. They have more than 3000 varieties including flowering plants. It is also a very good site for buying plant seeds online. They neatly categorize the seeds into categories such as ornamental seeds, forestry seeds, medicinal, flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

AnkurNursery Online Plant Nursery

Do you want to set up a kitchen garden? Do you want to grow medicinal plants like Aloe Vera at your home? Do you want to bring good luck by the lucky bamboo shoots? These rustic sites have all the answers. AnkurNursery is a very native looking site, imparting the ambience of a small town nursery maintained by a man from a village. However, they have a great service called “Rent-A-Plant”. Consider using fabulous plants for your party decorations!

Livinggifts is also a great website for selling plants among other things. They sport a fascinatingly refreshing collection of flowering and non-flowering plants. You can even avail their “Gift a Plant” services. You can also place orders for the Feng Shui plants. Speaking of Feng Shui, the best site to shop for these is probably the well-known FabFurnish. Although primarily a site for selling furniture items, it does have a very good collection of plants including exotic fifteen year old Bonsais.

It is amazing how one can fulfill a very soothing hobby of gardening and planting new trees right from the comfort of their homes. Online shopping has indeed scaled greater heights than one could have ever imagined! For the time being though, this is a great thing for mankind in general as it motivates many people to grow more plants and keep the environment healthy. So, what are you waiting for? Cultivate this wonderful hobby of selecting the best plants online for your home environment and grow them with care.

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