How to get Cheap Groupon Vouchers for Exclusive Shopping, Travel & Dining Deals?

Getting a list of online shopping vouchers, restaurant discount offers, getaway deals, etc. is just a click away with Groupon! Visiting the Groupon voucher website at “” for the first time (or for that matter anytime) can be slightly annoying. They require you to sign up first, select your city and then explore. You may be lead to believe that it is mandatory for visitors to provide emails and subscribe to the Groupon daily deals newsletter. However, there is a way out and you can first explore the website for good online deal vouchers by selecting the option “Already Registered”. Of course, it is never mandatory to choose a deal everyday! Once you are inside the website, you can check out the best online discount vouchers available for your city. Now, how does Groupon work? Why is it called India’s biggest discount website? Read on and soon you will be saving thousands on a monthly basis through cheap Groupon vouchers!

A brief idea

So, you have received your today’s fix of Groupon deals by email. You will find it enlists online coupons that offer great discounts on almost anything that goes. Customers sometimes actually avail discounts upto 90% on select deals! Although the coupons remain active for a few months, yet special deals usually come with a very close timeframe, about 24 to 72 hours.

Make the best of it

The best way of benefiting from the discount is to look into the site when you urgently need anything. Their diverse deals include practically everything from helicopter rides, cheap taxi ride vouchers, travel vacations, restaurant dining vouchers, tattoo offers, to all kinds of shopping coupons. Customers can also find amazing deals on spa experience gift vouchers, voucher for gym sessions, dance class discount vouchers, and foreign language learning vouchers. You get the idea! You also avail discounts by referring people from your social group. The best thing about this website is you can even gift memorable experiences to people apart from the normal shopping vouchers or travel vouchers. With this website, you no longer have to worry about gifting ideas for couples or bachelors / spinsters or even kids.

The site experience

The home page is easy to browse. They have a section for ‘All Deals’ and a good search system. Deals for shopping, travel, and events also have separate section in the top navigation. Customers have further options to locate specific deals from the icons in the right panel. The categories include healthcare, activities, spa, getaways, products, and dining. The site conspicuously displays featured deals on its home page everyday. You get the same delivered to your mail as well. The international site, formerly known as Crazeal, is perhaps the biggest online coupon archive of the world! From Hong Kong to Peru, and from Brazil to the Netherlands, people use the site daily.

They also run an affiliate program for interested webmasters or bloggers. Being an affiliate, you can be entitled to upto 10% commission on Groupon purchases through your contribution. The Groupon affiliate program is a great way to be really engaged with the world of coupon discounts. It could prove to be the most lucrative revenue generating option for your website or blog.

Browse and choose

Each deal has its separate page with all the details. They inform how many days you have to redeem Groupon voucher and other important stuff like Groupon refund policies. Each deal page also has a link to the Universal rules page for Groupon deals. Wherever applicable, they have photos of the products on offer. You can also access the site via Groupon Android app and iOS app. So, what are you waiting for! Get a feel of this wonderful website by browsing through various deals and get registered for life. Just group in and Groupon!

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