Online shopping – Buying anything in 60 seconds!

Who would have ever thought about buying a television set on the internet 20 years ago? Not too many you would suggest.  Internet has glorified online shopping experience and made it so easy. There has been an amazing change in the way we approach the internet today for every simple chore. It has in every way simplified our lives. There would be a time when we would travel pillar to post in the search of the best electronic appliances and have no way to decide which the best is. Today though, things are a bit different. Online shopping in India has gathered pace and there are various Indian online shopping websites to cater the needs of every shopper. You can search the product you want, the next best options, the reviews each product has an even determine the best price that is available in the market today.


All of these features are present on the top e-commerce sites in India. You would be able to pinpoint a product and understand its features completely before a purchase. Hence, it becomes extremely easy to purchase an electronic device today. Within a few minutes of your search, you would be able to track the prices at, &! Imagine the effort you would have had to put in for the same task 5 years ago! You don’t have to even head to the theatre to book your tickets now with presence of online movie ticket booking sites like which completes the ticketing experience within minutes.


Online selling has taken off to a different vertical all together actually. It represents the selling of every day to day product. Right from clothes to flight tickets to even furniture. Never has there been such demand to buy clothes from baby product websites like or! Think about it, we can even have clothes for our babies delivered to our home and of course, pay on delivery! The scheme of things is just so convenient. There used to be a time when your airline ticket used to be a booklet – yes, it used be the size of a checkbook! Today, you have to log into any of the online travel booking sites like or, decide on the flight and almost instantly you have a print out of your ticket – 1 single page! It is plain amazing.


So, where next for the e-commerce industry in India? The obvious choice would be to go mobile and the start has already been made with different payment wallet options. It brings about an ease factor that would make buying so much easier. The online payment options would remain the same and most online players have started cashing in already. In fact, several e-commerce merchants have become aware of this trend of online shopping through smartphones. Hence, to stay ahead in the race you see so many of them come up with their own apps for convenience of mobile phone users. Only time will tell how many people get addicted to shopping from their smartphones!

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