Tips for Buying Jewellery Online in India

Adorn Your Jewellery Fancies from Beautiful Sites

Jewelleries are special kinds of gifts. Even when you are buying for yourself, it is a personal gift. For years, we have been used to visit few shops or jewellery showrooms before finalizing the right product for our use. However, the online shopping craze has caught up with jewellery products as well. You can now securely shop from several top jewellery websites in India. Online storefronts such as and offer the latest jewellery collections. Apart from these major shops, you can also shop for fashion jewellery at sites such as,, and You can buy clothes, shoes, hats, and other accessories besides fashion adornments from such online portals.

In this article, we shall go through popular websites for buying real authentic jewellery as well as top ecommerce portals selling fancy fashion jewellery.

The top notch sites – Bluestone and Caratlane

For your high-value shopping needs with regards to buying jewellery online, consider visiting Bluestone official website. They offer rings, pendants, earrings, gold coins, solitaires, bracelets, etc. Maybe, it is a mere coincidence but the ‘Blue’ site (The color describing Lord Krishna) enlists the “Janardhana pendant” as its best seller piece. Well, when Lord Vishnu is around, can Lord Shiva be far behind? Just besides the Janardhana pendant, the site features a “Liham S” pendant, which is a richly encrusted S shaped pendant. If you are blessed with a far-stretched imagination, you can definitely interpret S for Shiva! It is indeed a million dollar site.

Bluestone e-jewellery website

Kalaari Capital is one of the leading venture capital firms in India. They invested $10 million in, which is only three years old! Even Ratan Tata has been in the news for having some share in this quality jewellery website. Now, you don’t need a second invitation to trust a company website in which the legendary Ratan Tata has shown interest. This website has grown so much that international shipping service is also being provided now. If you are the one looking for discounts even on high quality products, then Bluestone is currently providing weekly giveaway as well.

Another great online jewellery shopping store is Caratlane. They may not have as much credentials as Bluestone has, but their collections are genuine and beautiful ranging from rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, gold coins, Mangalsutras, Nose pins, etc. It is actually a highly recommended site for shopping diamond jewellery online.

Caratlane jewellery e-store

They have started offering international jewellery items like “Italian Hoops”. If you are not comfortable about buying jewellery online without trying them once, Caratlane website fulfills your wish by giving you the liberty of trying your jewellery at home before deciding to purchase them. Currently, they are even offering discount coupon codes on diamond and gemstone jewellery.

Looking for discounts on imitation jewellery

Customers can even avail online discount prices on jewellery shopping at sites such as Limeroad and Jabong. Since jewels are privileged shop-things, you may not find a discount at a store for buying diamond jewellery online. Offering optimum affordability is not necessarily a criterion in jewellery shopping because high pricing is the standard expectation in this segment. It is considered low-class if you haggle over a discount at the leading jewellery brands in India. Indeed, it does look and feel cheap to expect discounts on buying gold coins online.

However, the sites for buying imitation jewellery online do offer discounts to your heart’s fulfillment! You can actually find amazing imitation jewellery design from young talented designers at these sites. Visiting Limeroad website, you can find their collections neatly available under the Accessories tab. God, they have everything a girl needs! Shop from anklets, payals, bangles, bracelets, and brooches! It is truely an amazing site for women’s fashion shopping and the perfect place to celebrate yourself. Look up popular websites such as Jabong and Amazon for best online deals on fashion jewellery. These sites have great search features helping customers find exactly the design they need within a budget. Jabong actually also has a separate section for precious jewellery.

By shopping online at these different jewellery portals, it will be difficult to say which of the precious metal (diamond or gold) is a woman’s best friend. Life has indeed got much easier with the luxury of buying jewellery from the comfort of our homes. The missing trust factor has been re-built by quality products and secured payment options available at the online jewellery websites. Please feel free to share your experience of purchasing any beautiful jewellery items online!

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