Tips to Book Mumbai Train Tickets on Mobile Railway Ticketing App UTS

You stand in a queue to buy a train ticket and the nightmare begins. Some people jump the queue when you have been standing for hours together to buy it and others begin to argue. You realise that you have missed a few trains already. People scream and shout and you wonder when you are really going to be able to buy a ticket. You walk away dejected and simply board the train without one, which you know is a crime. If this sounds familiar, it is high time you downloaded the new app released by the Indian Railways to help train commuters to easily book train tickets for the unreserved space, using the mobile application.

The mobile ticketing application UTS can be used for paperless ticketing, as provided by the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS). Let us check out further details about this railway ticket booking app for local trains.


Buy a ticket easily

All you need to do is to download the new Unreserved Ticketing System application and you can buy a ticket to travel on the lifeline of Mumbai. Every second of your time is precious and you need not waste it standing in endless queues at the ticket window of the railway station. If you are getting late to go to work, you can stand inside the train and buy the ticket using the online railway ticket booking system. All it takes is five minutes of your time and you can avoid committing a major crime. There are more than 75 lakh commuters like you, who face the same situation as you every day. Train journeys should be a way of life and not a nightmare.


UTS Ticket Booking Options

Pay your way to comfortable travel

The R-wallet is an easy way to pay for your ticket. The good news is that you do not even have to have a GPS connection in order to be able to buy a new season ticket or to renew it through this application. Join the paperless revolution by paying your way to comfortable travel. All you need to do is to enter details such as your name, the city from which you come, and your mobile number and R-wallet will create a new account for you with zero balance. At the moment, you can only recharge your R-wallet by standing at the booking window or through the IRCTC website using your credit or debit card and you can travel comfortably. Moreover, you need not miss any trains and try to get into a crowded train any longer when you download this Western Railways ticketing app and enter your details in it.

And when any Travel Ticket Examiner (TTE) or railway TC asks you to show your train ticket, you can use the ‘show ticket’ option in this app. Even if you do not have internet connection (3g or 2g or wifi), you can still show the ticket on your mobile using the offline mode.


UTS App Updates and Expansion

This UTS mobile app for Android has been extended for paperless ticket booking of suburban trains in the entire Chennai suburban section, and even in the New Delhi – Palwal section, apart from Mumbai. The paperless train ticket services have been updated and now you can even book season train travel tickets or railway platform tickets using this UTS smartphone app.


Don’t give way to errors

Sometimes, you might find that there are mistakes either in your name or in your personal details on printed season tickets. Often, some of the railway staffs end up changing your gender or your marital status. Sometimes, they do not even get your age right and you end up becoming a senior citizen when you really are just a youngster. Silly mistakes like this in a document as important as your season ticket, which serves as an important identity card, can leave you extremely frustrated. When you go to get them corrected so that you could get a student’s concession, you find that you have to necessarily stand in the queue even for that. Sometimes, the correction never really gets done despite that, which can be even more frustrating for you and for everyone else too.

With this new local trains ticketing app UTS, there is no way for errors to creep in. Since you would be entering the details yourself, there are no chances for mistakes to be made. You do not have to run from pillar to post to make corrections in your details when it is all there in the palm of your hands. The best feature of this Mumbai trains mobile app is that you will never have to be frustrated with anything ever again.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and download the UTS Android mobile app and contribute your bit to the environment through paperless train travel.

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