Top Hotel Booking Apps Around the World

Have you decided to extend your vacation only to realize that your hotel room has already been booked by someone else? On a road trip and want to make a stop in between? The emergence of last minute hotel booking apps has made it possible for even procrastinators to have the last laugh. Moreover, they can also get the greatest hotel deals while on the go. Let us go through the service offerings of some of the top hotel booking mobile applications that can help you make hotel reservations whenever you want from your smartphone or tablet.

It is important to note that the best hotel room booking apps (also your ideal travel apps), mostly have an associated website as well. You can even use the hotel booking websites to make online hotel room reservations. However, the corresponding hotel booking travel apps are more convenient as they allow you to check availability of hotel rooms and their prices online, along with the subsequent booking process, from anywhere and at anytime. Here is the list of most popular hotel booking mobile apps.

Do you want to book your hotel room during the eleventh hour? Not only does have a hotel directory but it also has more than 50 million verified guest reviews to help you choose from a myriad of hotels and apartments around the world. You can find hotels and apartments near your current location and can even book a room using your credit card. You could even sync your desktop computer with your mobile app. You can also easily look for hotels near you with this hotel search application. This is the best app for a fly by night vacation and want a room urgently at the last minute. You can also select whether you would like to have access to Wi-Fi at your hotel or not when you use this app. You could also indicate whether you want breakfast served at your hotel too. You can save all your favourite places for the future in the app itself.

The download links to mobile app are as under: Hotel Reservations for Android iOS Mobile Application

Do you want to be able to get some of the best deals on hotels through a secure server? Then, the app is right for you. When you spend 10 nights at a hotel that was booked through this application, you can get the rewards. You could even choose when to pay – either when you book or when you stay at the hotel. Even if you do not have access to the internet, you can still access your past, current, and future bookings using this application. Get the best hotel deals well before you can reach your hotel by using the app feature “Tonight’s Local Deals.” Do you want parking at your hotel? Then, you could even arrange that with the tap of a smartphone screen. The low friction consumer experiences and the slick user interface of this application will ensure that consumers always give it the first preference while booking hotels.

What makes this application different from the others? While using this application, you will notice that several features have been put together neatly in one single application and that the user interface is also user friendly. What’s more, you can select the number of lights you need in your hotel room along with the number of beds. You can easily download the mobile app from the below mentioned links: Android Application iOS Application Download Link


The free TripAdvisor app is one of the top hotel booking mobile apps that offers you an easy to use interface that is every traveller’s dream. You can get access to thousands of maps, hotel reviews, etc. even offline using this app. This can help you to avoid roaming charges. Discover the attractions at any destination and also the cool things to do over there with this app. Use the “Near Me Now” feature to find out whether there are hotels near where you are right now. Plan your complete holiday using this cheap hotel room booking app. What’s more, you can download information on hotels in about 300 cities. You can view your hotel room using the “Street view” feature, which allows you to see hotels like you would see them from the street.

Also, this application is highly intuitive and as you type, it can predict the names of the places. You can get honest and unbiased reviews from this site on the various hotels, etc. along with their ratings. Do you want to eat at a local restaurant while on the go? Then, this application will help you find one like a native of that region. In fact, you could also share your own reviews of the hotels you have stayed at or the restaurants you have eaten at.

Tripadvisor Android Mobile App
Tripadvisor Smartphone app for iOS


Now, you can book not only hotels but also activities, flights, and even rental cars using this online hotel booking application. Do you want to make an advance booking of hotel rooms with savings? You can save up to 40% on the bookings that you make on any night using your mobile. What’s more, even if you book rental cars and cancel it at the last minute, there will be absolutely no cancellation charges. You can even earn Expedia+ points on each and every purchase. With the “Limit Ad Tracking” feature of this application, you could even limit the amount of information about you that goes to third party applications.

You can also receive alerts in case your flight is delayed or there is some problem at the hotel. Share your itinerary with your family and friends using this application.

Download Expedia Android App
Install Expedia application for iOS


Making hotel reservations online is now just a tap away. Vacation planning is no longer a hassle. This application has been voted as one of the “best money saving apps” on the Independent and one of the “10 best money-saving apps” on the Guardian. No matter what your itinerary or your budget, you can always get hotel rooms according to the Trivago Rating Index (TRI), which is a fair evaluation score of the different hotels. You could even change the dates on which you would be checking in and checking out of the hotel. There are also photographs of the different hotels based on which you can decide whether you like the looks of a particular hotel or not.

Install Trivago Android Application

What’s more, this app is available to people in more than 30 languages and is only around 5 MB in size. Moreover, it allows you to compare the prices of hotels listed with the other applications too so that you can compare and decide. Have you decided to bring your pet along with you? With this app, you can also easily check whether pets are allowed at hotels or not.

All the above listed mobile applications serve as your top hotel search apps, best travel companion apps, as well as reliable & quick hotel booking apps. You can now relax and plan your vacations well in advance by getting cheap rates for hotel stay in different countries of the world. Thanks for reading!

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